Why Therapists Recommend The Self-Love Journal

Did you know that the Self-Love Journal was actually created with therapists in mind?

It’s amazing how the journal has become such a loved tool to use at home, but it wasn’t always the plan…

Here at Switch, we wanted to design a tool that psychologists and therapists could use in their consultations.

We wanted to make something that packed in all of their amazing tools and techniques that would be useful both in a therapist office, and at home, too.

That’s why we created it with the help of experts and professionals.

All of its daily prompts are based on strategies and techniques used every day in therapist practices around the world.

And once we’d designed it, therapists everywhere were only too eager to snap them up and use them with patients!

They carefully work through the journal exploring the prompts in greater detail.

Together, they think about all of the tools we offer:

  • Gratitude
  • Mindfulness
  • Reflection
  • Growth mindsets
  • Reframing negative thoughts
  • Meditation
  • Setting intentions
  • Self-love

Then, the therapist asks their patient to fill in the journal at home.

Once they come back for their next session, they go through the responses together to think a little more about the reasoning and emotion behind each piece of writing. It sounds like incredible work to us!

We’re thrilled to hear that therapists are using them, just as we intended. Here’s what a couple of them had to say...

"I ordered this to review it for use with therapy clients. I have found it well researched and beautifully presented. It has been helpful for me and I would love to use it in a group with others! Order this purposeful journal!"

 "In my practice, the most common pattern that derails my clients is low self-esteem. How wonderful to have a resource to recommend to them! Thank you for your exceptional product. I highly recommend it!"

But we’re also delighted that the Self-Love Journal has become a much-loved tool in the home.

With hundreds of five-star reviews, we’ve heard from people around the world who have used the journal on their own and seen groundbreaking results.

 They feel:

  • More confident
  • More connected with others
  • Kinder to themselves
  • A part of something bigger
  • More positive and optimistic
  • Compassionate towards themselves and others

All from the comfort of their own home! Here’s what some of them had to say…

"This journal is incredibly well crafted and I can already feel the difference it is making. A wonderful commitment to self love. If you're thinking about it, I encourage you to take this opportunity through 90 days to change something that will ripple into all areas of life, within and without."

"I'm excited about the next day every morning! Short but meaningful lessons that don't overwhelm. Never seems like a chore but more like an adventure with myself. Very focused and meaningful lessons that are leading me in such a good direction. I am learning so much. Thank you."

"I've struggled with mental health for a long time. My therapist recommended journaling as a way to process my emotions but I just couldn't ever think of what to write or how to start. I found this Self-Love journal through TikTok and honestly it has really been helpful as a way to guide my journaling and give me things to think about. Not to mention it's a gorgeous and high quality journal."

"I love using this journal. I learned a Cognitive Behavioral Technique and suite of tools and it changed my life! This book mirrors some of what I knew, while adding more to my repertoire of resources for dealing with difficult thoughts and emotions."

So whether you choose to use the Self-Love Journal at home or with your therapist, we are confident that you’ll become a kinder, more caring advocate for yourself.

Get your journal here for $39.95.

Hardcover Self-Love Journal
Hardcover Self-Love Journal
Hardcover Self-Love Journal
Hardcover Self-Love Journal
Hardcover Self-Love Journal
Hardcover Self-Love Journal
Hardcover Self-Love Journal
Hardcover Self-Love Journal
Hardcover Self-Love Journal

Hardcover Self-Love Journal


Our original and best-selling journal is your key to improving your relationship with yourself.

The Self-Love journal will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to shift your brain from a state of self-judgement and turbulence to a healthier mindset of compassion and positive self-talk.

This journal is suitable for both men and women and can be used during any 90-day period of the year. 

“I lived my entire life with ZERO self confidence. I would doubt my choices, fear what others thought about me and was afraid to be seen. This journal changed everything!!!! Now I walk into a room with confidence, speak up and know exactly what I want— and it only took 5 minutes a day to get here.” -Isa L.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 327 reviews
    Elizabeth B. (Saint Paul, US)

    I found this through an ad. I enjoy working through the prompts and will continue to try my best to use this journal to be better. I still struggle with mental health and with the combination of journals like this and help from doctors, I hope to help myself work through my issues and demons.

    Kaylinn M. (Jacksonville, US)

    Last year I started focusing more on my mental health.
    I noticed a simple & effective pattern —
    When I put myself first, I’m a better me for my daughter, friends, and family.

    As the wise old saying goes, “You can’t pour from an empty cup.”
    Why can’t this be true for mothers too?
    We spend everyday caring for our little humans that sometimes we forget to care for ourselves in the midst of the chaos.

    Switch Research is dedicated to offering affordable mental health resources for all! Including self-love, as they have worked along side psychologists, clinical therapists, and psychiatrists to deliver a 13-week journal with daily prompts to help reframe my thoughts and to be more mindful with how I speak to myself.

    Ila S. (New Delhi, IN)
    Self love is the way forward...

    Really happy to work on self love journal as usually we are taught that love is something that you receive from parents, siblings, partners etc. However, loving SELF in indian society is considered as selfish. To be able to break the chain of thought patterns is what is required. Thanks a lot for guiding and providing the valuable insights on daily basis that is able to clear certain self doubts so as to embrace self completely...just as I am.. Grateful 🙏

    MARGARET E.L. (Watertown, US)
    I’m loving this journal!

    I bought the print journal for my niece who is struggling with self-loathing over a significant weight gain (pandemic pounds). I experienced the same self-loathing for the same reason, and it was absolutely why I struggled to get back into a healthier lifestyle. The self-loathing delayed attending to a problem. When I read the Switch website and realized the journal was research-based I ordered it for my niece. When it arrived, I looked it over, and decided it was something that, even though I had stumbled upon getting back on track, I knew my success would only be temporary if I didn’t address the underlying negative thinking. When I realized there was an electronic version of the journal I ordered it for myself. At this point, I’m at day 23, and I’ve made it through the holiday excesses without succumbing to my old ways. I did a fair share of indulging with my many family events, but not once did I fall victim to dwelling on failures. At all times I felt positive about my journey. My niece is working on it, just since New Years Day, and I have talked about it with a few friends. Admittedly, I’m retired, so my mornings are rarely a time to rush, and I’ve easily incorporated journaling into my morning routine of self-care.

    Terri m. (Portland, US)
    So Relevant

    I’m loving the Switch Self Live Journal. It’s exactly what I needed with simple step by step daily pages to reflect m current feelings about myself. If you are experiencing a rough time in your life and want to realize your strength and worth, this is the perfect journal to use!

    Teresa H. (Philadelphia, US)
    Heard about it through a client!

    I am an LCSW psychotherapist, and I've recommended self love and self compassion journals and workbooks often. Yours was found by a client of mine who told me about it. I wanted to get it myself to look it over. It seems like a wonderful resource.

    Connie S. (Deerfield, US)
    Self-Love Journal

    It’s fun to turn to something daily that brings you joy about yourself and helps you to reflect upon ways to help bring your life more enjoyment and make you a richer person for yourself and others.

    Lisa T. (Brandon, US)
    New to Switch

    Ready to love myself!

    Laura B. (Loxahatchee Groves, US)
    Excellent journal

    I will be starting it today since we are in a new year. Looking forward to getting started. Thank you

    B.F. (Portland, US)

    First week has been great🙂