The Self-Love Program

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Hardcover Self-Love Journal

91-Days of Therapist-led Video Guidance

Bonus Gift: 2-Day Emotions Workshop

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Discover your inner strengths and overcome self-doubt in just 21 days or your money back.

The Self-Love Program is a comprehensive, evidence-based 91-day program designed to help individuals cultivate self-love, self-acceptance, and self-esteem, and improve their mental and emotional well-being. It includes a beautiful physical hardcover journal, and daily video guidance.

A highly optimized 13-week framework for awakening your inner strength and self-love

A weekly focus and dedicated community to keep you on track

Psychologist-backed strategies you can trust

A beautiful A4 hardback, 134 page, spiral-bound journal with calming, colorful designs

Instant digital access including PDF of the journal for Mobile & Desktop devices

Beautiful writing pages to reframe negative thought patterns

Over 21 hours of therapist-led follow along videos for daily guidance

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“A program that, as a therapist, I personally use and recommend for my clients. It’s backed by research and is filled with useful tools for mental health.”


Struggling with chronic stress due to negativity?

Are you caught in a cycle of toxic relationships or struggling to set healthy boundaries?

Have you been struggling to recognize your worth and underestimating your abilities, ultimately holding you back from realizing your true potential?

Do you self-sabotage, focusing on your flaws rather than recognizing and harnessing your strengths?

Become unshakeably positive

Embark on a transformative journey towards self-love and self-acceptance with our 91-day Self-Love Program.

Experience improved self-esteem, reduced stress and anxiety, and increased self-compassion.

Cultivate healthier, more positive relationships with others and yourself. Access your own in-home therapist-led program, without the therapy price tag.

This program is for you if:

You want to unlock your full potential

You want to embrace mindfulness for stress reduction and peace of mind

You're ready to break free from self-limiting beliefs

You want to cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth and confidence

You'll grow in these areas:

How The Self-Love Program Works

Step 1

Unbox and Dive In

Start your transformation with confidence, knowing you're supported every step of the way.

Step 2

Video Guidance

Our expert therapist will guide you through each day's theme, providing insightful perspectives and actionable advice.

Step 3

Discover a New You

Track your progress, celebrate your transformation, and take pride in the steps you take each day.

Banish Negativity & Find Self -Love

91 Unique Layouts

For an engaging experience on every page.

Beautiful new design

Inspiring and guiding you through 'the work', by design.


Like a private session with an expert, every time.

Weekly Focus

Motivating your writing and guiding you forward.

Daily Questions

Designed to increase self-awareness and spark self-discovery.


Grounded in the work of over 20+ clinical therapists, social workers, physicians, psychologists, and researchers

Our journal’s unique, progressive structure was engineered by top psychologists and behavioral scientists at academic institutions such as

Program curriculum

Week 01 - Choosing Self-Kindness

Begin your journey by acknowledging the power of self-kindness over self-judgment. Through a therapist-led video, learn to embrace your imperfections and treat yourself with the compassion you deserve. Your digital journal will accompany you, providing a space to reflect and internalize these newfound perspectives.

Create Positive Habits, Bundle Up + Save

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The self-discovery collection: three journals to unlock your potential

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1x Self-Love Journal (Best seller)

1x Emotions Journal (New!)

1x Boundaries Journal (Back in stock!)

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