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Silence Your Inner Critic Course

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I have gone through this course twice now! You've given me a much better understanding of where my self-doubt comes from and how to change that voice.

- melissa T.

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Would you like to learn how to reduce self-doubt from holding you back?

Therapist Barb Egan has helped Olympic-level athletes to master their self-doubt, and now she can help you too.

In this 18-module video series, Barb Egan will guide you through uncovering and identifying the root of your self-critic.

You will learn how to transform your inner-critic into your inner-coach, build stronger, meaningful relationships, and end self-sabotaging habits.

Don’t miss this opportunity to learn from one of the best. Sign up now and start reducing your self-doubt today!

What's Inside

Exclusive access to our private community to share experiences, and ask questions.

Access to weekly LIVE Q&A's with Therapists!

18 Video modules paired with daily interactive exercises

Beautiful digital workbook - choose to print at home or fill in electronically

Lifetime access so you can return whenever your critic does!

Psychologist-backed strategies you can trust

One-time payment


There are three parts to Silencing the Inner Critic

In only 10 minutes per day we’ll guide you through the strategies and tools used by therapists and psychologists.


Identify The Inner Critic

Dive into your journey by identifying what your inner critic sounds like. You’ll consider what situations trigger those critical thoughts and what limitations they’re putting on your life.


Challenge The Inner Critic

Understand what practical steps you can take when your inner critic shows up. Learn how to distance yourself from that voice by boxing it up and putting it on a shelf.


Replace The Critic

It's time to replace that voice with one filled with compassion and positivity. Learn how to foster positive self-talk and be the coach you need.

Will it work for me?

If You're Experiencing Negative Thoughts

Our resources are a safe space to help you unpack thoughts and emotions, and replace them with healthier patterns of thinking. Without judgment.

If You’re Ready for Self-Growth

We’re here to guide you through the ultimate journey of self-discovery and development. Powered by science, data, and research, you’ll get to know yourself on a deeper level, with methods and tools from the experts.

If You’re New to This

Our tools are designed for all levels of experience. Allow them to gently guide and inspire you as you embark on your journey.