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The Postpartum Journal

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What's Included:

→ Softcover Postpartum Journal

→ 43-Days of Therapist-led Video Guidance

→ Bonus Gift: 2-Day Emotions Workshop

Journal Format

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Navigate Your Postpartum Journey with The Postpartum Journal: A 43-day therapist-led guided journaling program, including video guidance and a beautiful softcover journal.

The Postpartum Journal is a comprehensive guide designed to support new and expectant mothers during the postpartum period. It provides evidence-based and actionable psychoeducation with a focus on mental health.

Through daily guided prompts, video lessons, a supportive community, and an easy-to-follow process, you gain a better understanding of your postpartum identity, learn how to navigate the emotional, physical, and social changes that come with motherhood, and enhance your interpersonal relationships and overall well-being.

    What's Inside

    A highly optimized 43-day framework for a smoother transition into motherhood

    Reduced feelings of isolation and anxiety, increased feelings of empowerment and confidence as a new mother.

    Therapist techniques show you how to navigate the complexities of the postpartum period

    Beautiful lay-flat 7.5" x 9.5" soft cover format, 105 pages

    Instant digital access including PDF of the journal for Mobile & Desktop devices

    A supportive community of therapists and other journal users

    43-days of therapist-led follow along videos for daily guidance

    “A product that, as a therapist, I personally recommend for my clients. It's filled with useful tools to support new and expectant mothers, I haven't seen anything else like it!”


    Are you a new or expectant mother?

    The postpartum period is like a storm, full of emotional highs and lows, physical changes, and social shifts.

    It can often leave you feeling lost and overwhelmed. The problem is, most people don't talk about this. They focus on the physical recovery after childbirth but ignore the emotional and psychological complexities.

    This lack of understanding and support can lead to feelings of isolation, anxiety, and even postpartum depression.

    Support your emotional well-being

    The Postpartum Journal is designed to support your emotional and psychological well-being during the postpartum period.

    By acknowledging and understanding the complexities of the postpartum period, you can reconcile your prepartum and postpartum identities and transition smoothly into motherhood.

    This program is for you if:

    You are a new mother navigating the challenges of the postpartum period

    You are an expectant mother preparing for the transition into motherhood

    You are experiencing emotional turmoil during the postpartum period

    You struggle to reconcile your identity before and after childbirth

    You feel overwhelmed by the physical, emotional, and social changes that come with motherhood

    You are concerned about the potential for postpartum depression or anxiety

    You'll grow in these areas:

    How The Postpartum Journal Works

    Step 1

    Unbox and Scan

    Scan the QR code to access your videos, and start your transformation with confidence knowing you're supported every step of the way.

    Step 2

    Video Guidance

    Our expert therapist will guide you through each day's theme, providing insightful perspectives and actionable advice.

    Step 3

    Discover a New You

    Track your progress, celebrate your transformation, and take pride in the steps you take each day.

    Program curriculum

    Part 01 - Personal Changes

    Becoming a mother is much more than just giving birth. It marks a significant shift in your identity, an upending of your routines, and in some ways, changes almost everything about your personal life. Navigating potential conflicts between an old identity and a new identity as a mother can be challenging. Equally, disruptions to established routines like sleeping, eating, and personal time can be difficult to manage and can have a negative impact on your mental health. How you meet new expectations and plan for these changes is an ongoing and personal journey.

    In this section, we will explore the personal changes that many mothers experience during the postpartum period. Some of the topics will be related to the identity changes you will experience, as well as the formation of your identity as a mother. We also discuss the changes to your body and routine that you might experience, how to balance and plan for these new changes, and strategies to realistically manage the expectations you place on yourself.