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The Mindful Planners - Digital Download

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Meet the latest member of our planner family: The Mindful 3-Part Series

The Mindful Planners are a series of three planners, each focusing on a different aspect of mindfulness: Awareness, Non-Judgment, and Acceptance. Developed with leading psychologists and clinical therapists, they incorporate scientifically-validated mindfulness techniques.


Through a structured, easy-to-follow process, you gain an understanding of how to be present in the moment, demonstrate self-compassion, and embrace acceptance - leading to improved mental health, reduced stress and anxiety, enhanced focus and productivity, and a greater sense of balance and well-being.

    What's Inside

    Daily guided activities, prompts and strategies

    Tools to help you manage stress and anxiety

    Psychologist-backed strategies you can trust

    3 beautiful lay-flat 7.5" x 9.5" soft cover format planners

    Exclusive access to our private FB group to share experiences, tips, and questions.

    Each planner is 31 days and undated

    Used and trusted by therapists and universities

    I would highly recommend The Mindful Planners to anyone looking for a tool to manage stress and anxiety in a sustainable and effective way.


    Three Planners To Master Mindfulness



    The Awareness planner utilizes strategies, activities, and multiple distinct meditation techniques in order to allow for flexibility and depth within your mindfulness practice. By expanding your ability to be present in the moment, this planner guides you towards a greater sense of balance and well-being.



    The Non-Judgment planner incorporates teachings, prompts, and reflections that allows you to embody non-judgment, an very important pillar of mindfulness. The adoption and practice of non-judgment allows you to better demonstrate self-compassion, protect from negative self-talk and depression, and develop a keener emotional awareness.



    The Acceptance planner is designed to provide targeted education, prompts, and opportunities for reflection, enabling you to fully embrace, engage with, and implement radical acceptance in your daily life. Through the mindful practice of observing and embracing our circumstances without judgment, we can nurture self-compassion and make conscious choices that lead us toward personal growth and positive transformation.

    Scientifically-Validated Strategies

    Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy-centered

    Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy (MBCT) combines the principles of cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness to help cultivate a sense of presence and clarity of thought. By integrating daily, weekly, and monthly MBCT-based prompts and reflections, the Mindful Planner trains users to find presence, awareness and meaningful reflection in their everyday life.