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The Calm Planners - Digital Download

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"The Calm Planners have changed my schedule and the way I handle problems. I can better relax and come to myself first and sit with my emotions. These planners help my anxiety and center me for the next day."

- Athaliah White


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The Calm Planners are a comprehensive solution designed by leading psychologists and clinical therapists for managing stress and anxiety. It includes three planners: Window of Tolerance Edition, Boundaries Edition, and Emotions Edition, each focusing on a specific aspect of stress management.

Through daily use of these planners, you can reduce stress and anxiety, improve emotional health, better understand personal boundaries, and develop more effective stress management strategies.

    What's Inside

    Daily guided activities, prompts and strategies

    Tools to help you manage stress and anxiety

    Psychologist-backed strategies you can trust

    3 beautiful lay-flat 7.5" x 9.5" soft cover format planners

    Exclusive access to our private FB group to share experiences, tips, and questions.

    Each planner is 31 days and undated

    Used and trusted by therapists and universities

    I would highly recommend the Calm Planners to anyone looking for a tool to manage stress and anxiety in a sustainable and effective way.


    Three Planners To Calm Your Life


    Window of Tolerance

    The WOT Planner introduces the Window of Tolerance concept, aiding individuals in recognizing and regulating their emotional states. By integrating this training, you will gain valuable insights into your optimal zone of emotional well-being and learn techniques to reduce stress
    and anxiety.



    The effectiveness of the Boundaries Planner is rooted in its utilization of the Four Steps to Boundary Setting. By seamlessly incorporating these steps, the planner empowers you to not only identify but also effectively communicate and sustain healthy boundaries—a fundamental component of overall well-being.



    The Emotions Planner harnesses the power of the Three Laws of Emotional Mastery. By integrating this principle, it empowers you to confront and transform maladaptive emotional reactions. This process provides valuable insights into your emotions and triggers, ultimately leading to effective stress and anxiety reduction.

    Scientifically-Validated Strategies

    Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based Prompts

    Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is aimed at striking balance between how individuals think, feel, and act, which can resolve and mitigate feelings of stress and anxiety. By integrating daily, weekly, and monthly CBT-based prompts and reflections, the Calm Planner trains readers to become their own therapists and to support themselves during stressful or anxious events.