The Boundaries Journal

Communicate Your Needs

Foster Healthier Relationships

Prevent Overcommitment and Burnout

Includes Access to over 16 hours of
therapist-led guided follow-along videos

Includes Access to over 16 hours of therapist-led guided follow-along videos

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Introducing the Boundaries Journal! This highly-anticipated journal is packed with all the expert tools and strategies you’d expect from us, to help you set and maintain healthy boundaries with the people around you.

With guided prompts for each day of the month, you’ll explore four essential sections that will help you become truly confident in who you are, end any guilty feelings, and improve your relationships.

You’ll learn how to speak up for yourself, communicate your wants and needs effectively, and stick to your boundaries.

Used and trusted by therapist and universities

This is hands down the best resource I have found to guide my clients to set healthy and sustainable boundaries

DR. BARBARA M. | Clinical Counselor

Boundary work is crucial to our well-being. Finally there is a resource that helps individuals unpack boundaries in an easy and intuitive way

Hailey K. | Clinical Counselor


Learn to set boundaries like a pro

Proven formulas to establish better relationships



Reflect on your current boundaries and consider how they impact your life. Get clear on your relationships and consider where you can set boundaries to help you live the life you want.



Learn strategies to help communicate your boundaries with others, building your self-respect and confidence.



Learn how to stick to your boundaries, respect other people’s boundaries, and stay in control of your life.

6 Core Ingredients Of

The Boundaries Journal

The Four C’s of Boundary Setting

 Effective boundary setting involves more than just communicating a boundary, but the Consciousness of who we are and what we want/need, Clarity in how our boundaries reflect respect within our different relationships, the tools to effectively Communicate our boundaries, and a Commitment to sustaining these boundaries. The Boundaries Journal is structured around these Four C’s to help readers with every aspect of their boundary setting.

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