How I Learned to Love Myself Again

03/10/2023 - By Heather R. First published at

Yesterday I turned 42, and I look it. That means I haven't had any work done to try and look younger.

I can remember the exact day I first looked in the mirror and thought, “gosh, you look old.” For years following, I tried to get on board with the aging thing, but it was always so hard for me. Almost every morning I discovered some small reminder that I am getting older: a sore knee, a new gray hair, added wrinkles to my eyes, joint pain in my hands, or a new wisp of gray in my (thinning) brows.

I noticed I was starting to resent my aging body. When my knee would ache or I’d have trouble fitting into my pants, I felt anger stir up in me and a fear I never had before. It felt like I was losing control of myself and the fundamentals of who I was.

I soon came to realize that my entire life, I had benefited from the currency of my looks. I took pride in my body when I was young, my tiny waist and perky-ness. I loved when men noticed me and women complimented me. But then when that currency started to lose its value, I ended up feeling bankrupt in every aspect of my life.

Thankfully, this year I found a tool that helped me accept my aging body! I can now look at my wrinkles, graying hair and tummy and feel proud of them. They got me to where I am today. They carried me through a beautiful life and will continue to do so for hopefully another 45 years!

The Self-Love Journal by Switch changed my life

The Self-Love Journal is your guide to changing the way you think, act and respond to your own thoughts (and the people around you.)

It’s a
91 day, in-depth guided journaling program that was designed by a World Renowned Psychologist who specializes in self-love and self-worth for women. She has helped thousands of women take control of their thought patterns, body-image issues and change their lives for the better as they age! 

The Self-Love Journal includes optional 15-minute follow-along videos for each of the 91 days, I did the math and that’s over 22 hours of guidance from a licensed clinical therapist over 3 months. 🤯

But what I love about this journal is
it doesn’t require an extreme amount of effort to be effective. 

The Self-Love Journal only requires 15 minutes per day to help you make lasting changes in your life. 

It’s amazing how adding
something so simple gave me so much more confidence and helped me accept my body again. 

The Self-Love Journal will help you overcome negative thought patterns, resentment toward your body, fear of the future, fear of losing your health (and more!)

It helped me
develop a healthy relationship with my new body, and actually appreciate aging! (I never thought I’d say that!) 

The Journal provides you with 91-days of transformative content. It combines a daily video, affirmation, a small set of questions, and lastly, a few practice tasks to help you form new positive habits/thought patterns in the real world.
Each day, video and task is purposefully created to prime your mind for the day and get you thinking outside your “comfort box”. I truly couldn’t believe how quickly this journal switched my outlook on life, and the way I looked at my body. It made me way more positive, confident and hopeful for my future.

It’s so simple, and yet it COMPLETELY worked.

I found that I looked forward to watching my video and doing my reflection questions because I was learning something new about myself! So many of the teachings had me rethinking my old habits and the things I was telling myself about aging. 

It turns out
I had constant negative self-talk going on in my mind and I didn’t even notice. I wasn't living in the moment. I was always thinking about the past and wishing I could go back to it. 

I was
wishing I was younger, thinner, healthier, faster, tighter and even happier.
But this series helped me see everything in a new light. I don’t wish those things now.
Better yet, once I started seeing myself in a new light, I noticed things around me drastically change as well. 

Most importantly,
 I learned how to stop telling myself I was worthless, old and invisible and instead, love the woman I see in the mirror everyday and tell her she’s absolutely amazing. 

I am so thankful to my body for keeping me alive and healthy this long, for giving me
3 beautiful children which will hopefully one day lead to grandchildren. I truly never gave my body the respect it deserved until I got this journal.
I can’t say that I don’t notice myself getting older and the things that come with that, but this series taught me that as you go through life,
there are so many things that are more important than that.
That is what helps me wake up every morning with a healthier and happier outlook on my life. And
I know it can help you too.

Dr. Mary Jung

"This program was designed using decades of research & clinical experience. Our primary goal has and always will be to educate and empower women to be the best versions of themselves." 

Take Control of Your Future and Your Happiness

I found that the only way to make a lasting change is through focused daily practice. Not writing down a goal here and reading a self-help book there. You need to do it every single day so you can reprogram your mind.
That’s exactly what this journal does. It requires you to be consistent and do the work, and once you do,
you’ll see a dramatic improvement in how you feel about yourself. 

All you have to do is commit to 10-
15 minutes per day. 

When you wake up, get yourself a hot cup of coffee or tea, open up the journal, scan the QR code, and watch the video. Then answer the questions, reflections and try to keep the lesson in your mind throughout the day.

I promise, you (and the people around you) will notice
an amazing change in your attitude and love for life. My friends told me I seemed much more energetic and happier overall!

I just wish I could tell every woman this journal existed.
It made me feel like a whole new woman and I am forever grateful for that.

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"Everything about this journal was flawless! The prompts were so helpful in guiding and encouraging me to think in varying ways. The ability to learn and refer to the index in the back was also huge and some I use daily for myself and in my counseling practice as I myself am a LMHC! Thank you!!"

Melisia K.

Verified Buyer

"I have been going through a lot lately and that’s when I decided to get one of the self love journal. I usually don’t write but this journal has just made me pick up the journal everyday and write. After writing for a week now i feel amazing and I feel myself. There’s no doubts, no negativity just happy soul."

Riley G.

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"I really loved this journal because it taught me how to be more confident in myself and taught me how to truly love my body."

Sydney H.

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