Your Self-Compassion Quiz Results

You scored above average on the Self-Compassion Quiz.

You have great self-worth! Congratulations!

You know how to embrace yourself for who you are, and you’re not scared to make mistakes. You understand that our imperfections do not define us, but instead, they are what make us human.

You’re confident and kind to yourself and generally practise positive self-talk. Now it’s time to take that positive self-compassion and build it into a daily habit.

Try our 91-Day Self-Love Journal to learn new psychologist-backed tools and techniques for practising self-love. The guided journal is the perfect way to set aside time each day to continue building your self-worth.

It’s easy to let your self-esteem slip, but with a healthy, positive habit, you’re more likely to stay committed and remain kind to yourself. Don’t forget, it’s up to all of us to spread self-love. Know a friend who could use a dose of confidence? Treat them to a Self-Love journal. 

Kathryn Avery

Kathryn is our copywriter and editor. She is a loving wife and mother with a strong passion for promoting positive body image amongst women.

Shelby Tessier

Shelby is our in-house photographer, the beautiful art work inside our Self-Love Journal are a product of her amazing talent.

Sarah Clough

Sarah is our Director of Finance, because of her, we're able to use our capital wisely to create the largest impact.

Ian Wilson

Ian is the co-founder & Product Manager of Switch, he manages the relationships with our mental health experts and translates their expertise into products that can help millions.