Is The Daily Calm Planner Worth It? I Tried it, and Here's My Honest Review

09/13/2023 - By Heather R. First published at

Summary: Can the Calm Planner be the key to unlocking a more fulfilling life? Countless glowing reviews say it can... and I put it to the test.

The Calm Planner is taking the self-care world by storm, with everyone from influencers to mental health experts raving about its benefits.

Celebrities like Emma Watson, Chrissy Teigen, and Selena Gomez swear by therapy and journaling for their mental health, but journaling with the guidance of a therapist by your side can cost thousands of dollars per month.

The Calm Planner is a new solution that uses the same science backed strategies as you’ll find at a therapist's office.

According to literally thousands of reviews, the people who use The Calm Planner rave about its seemingly magical ability to transform their lives by rewiring their brain to master reducing stress and anxiety… and all just by using it for less than 10 minutes a day.

Those are some big claims to make, but at the age of 47, I’m happy to give anything a try – especially when it comes with a money back guarantee. I did try The Calm Planner for one month, and I will share with you my brutally honest review about it, and I think some parts might surprise you.

Before I get into my review, let me explain exactly what The Calm Planner is.

What is The Calm Planner?

The Calm Planner is a undated 31-day planner packed with psychologist-backed techniques you can trust. It claims to help you manage stress and anxiety in a sustainable and effective way. 

It’s developed by mental health experts, from psychologists to clinical counselors, and has been supported by a research study conducted at The University of British Columbia.

The Calm Planner incorporates the revolutionary concept of the Window of Tolerance, which focuses on helping individuals identify and manage their range of emotional states. 

How does it work?

The Calm Planner provides strategies that are specifically tailored to your range of emotional needs, it empowers you to stay within your optimal zone of tolerance and build lifelong habits for managing stress and anxiety. 

It’s developed by mental health experts, from psychologists to clinical counselors to help you reduce stress and anxiety in just 31 days or your money back.

Let me tell you - you can literally feel the effort and care that went into making this planner, they did not cut corners or use cheap paper either. Almost immediately I noticed a big difference over other planners.

It’s entirely up to you how often you decide to use the planner for, but to see the biggest difference you’ll want to build a consistent habit. I used The Calm Planner for 10 minutes per day.

According to the users, you start seeing results within the first week, and of course, after learning all of this, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on one!

I have been struggling with high stress and anxiety since I was a teen. I am horrible at managing it. And to be honest, I never really try anything new because of it..

When I started using The Calm Planner, it was perfect timing. I had just taken on a new job with more responsibility, and I knew that if I wanted to succeed, I needed to work on getting rid of my high level of stress and anxiety.

I was determined to make a change and The Calm Planner seemed like the perfect tool.

I had tried yoga, meditation, and even read books on psychology before, but nothing seemed to stick. I needed a way to reprogram my brain and teach myself how to manage stress and anxiety in a easy but yet very effective way. The Calm Planner promised to guide me through the process and help me find my daily calm, and I was ready to give it a try.

I did what others do and used it for 10 minutes per day. This is what happened.

Package Arrives

The Calm Planner arrived early within 5 days (yay!). The packaging was really great! It came in a beautiful custom white box with a bookmark. They had a BOGO deal at the time so I also got all three of the Calm Planners and Mindful Planners for less than $13 each!! I was surprised that they all came individually boxed, based on the packaging alone they would make for great gifts!

Immediately after I took the planner out of the box I was impressed with how the paper felt and the quality of the design. I especially like the lay-flat design and how soft the cover felt. After ordering online I half expected to receive cheaply made products, but this was designed by experts and it shows.

Day 1

My first day using The Calm Planner was all about your "Window of Tolerance". The Window of Tolerance is a revolutionary approach that has gained popularity among clinical therapists. The Window of Tolerance approach helps you manage stress and anxiety by identifying and regulating your emotional responses.

For example, being aware of and controlling your body’s response to stress (e.g., deep breathing) can help us return to a calmer state! How cool is that?!

Day 7

After just one week of using The Calm Planner to tackle stress and anxiety, I must say, I'm amazed. It feels like a breath of fresh air amidst the chaos. Previously, I often found myself overwhelmed and uncertain about how to manage my stress and anxiety, longing for a sense of peace and clarity.

But after the first week, I felt… more indifferent, I suppose? I began to feel a growing sense of resilience and indifference towards the things that used to trigger me. 

It was a realization that my stressors and insecurities do not define me; they are universal experiences that we all share.

Of course, there were still tough moments. For instance, one morning at work I was assigned a large project that gave me huge amounts of stress and anxiety. But I was able to catch myself before spiralling and reminded myself of some grounding techniques that I had learned. 

Before, those thoughts would come and control my entire day. It was empowering to feel like I had more control over my thoughts and feelings.

Day 14

After two weeks of using The Calm Planner, something really powerful happened while I was writing in it. I had this moment of clarity that made me feel at peace, like a weight had been taken off my shoulders. 

It's like all the journaling I'd been doing to try to understand why I feel so stressed and anxious was actually working!? And the coolest part? I didn't just know it intellectually – I felt it in my gut.

For the first time in my life, I caught a glimpse of what it truly means to feel calm and free from constant tension. 

It was like this overwhelming sense of peace and acceptance washed over me. And I gotta be honest – I cried. I cried because I had never felt that kind of balance and ease in my life.

There were no strings attached, no conditions, no doubts – just pure joy and bliss. And in that moment, I knew that I deserved it, just like everyone else does.

It's hard to explain, but that moment was a turning point for me.

Day 21

Is The Calm Planner legit?

I confess - I didn’t stop using The Calm Planner after my 3 week experiment - but who would!

It’s true that getting into a new habit or routine of journaling is hard at first. Big changes in the way your mind works can’t happen overnight. If anyone says The Calm Planner is a waste of money, I’d say they just weren’t willing to do the hard self-reflection needed to see a change.

My stress and anxiety has diminished to practically nothing (and even when I am I know how to control it), and my future feels so much brighter and full of opportunity. Even my friends have complimented my new confidence before I told them I was using the planner (but of course they’re all using it now, too).

On top of all that, The Calm Planner is super affordable, especially compared to expensive workshops, video courses, and one on one sessions.

How much does The Calm Planner cost?

It's amazing how much a little self-reflection can change your life, but the cost of therapy or other self-improvement tools can be a major barrier for many people. A typical therapy session can cost hundreds of dollars, and a video workshop can cost $400 or more. That's why I'm so impressed with The Calm Planner - for less than $35, you get 31 days psychologist-backed techniques you can trust using the same proven strategies, at a fraction of the cost. It's an accessible and affordable option for anyone who wants to reduce their stress and anxiety without breaking the bank.

And right now they have a back-to-school sale! You can get all their Calm Planners in a bundle for less than $60! I took advantage of the sale to get all three of them (Window of Tolerance, Boundaries and Emotions) to double up on reducing my stress and anxiety!! Trust me, I am beyond happy I did. 

Where can you get the The Calm Planner

When buying anything online it’s good to do your due diligence first. There are many knockoff versions and copycats available on Amazon and other websites, but these journals may not be backed by scientific research and may not provide the same benefits as the authentic product.

We strongly recommend purchasing The Calm Planner directly from the official website to ensure that you receive a high-quality product that has been University tested and proven to help users reduce their stress and anxiety by learning how to use the Window of Tolerance. 

By purchasing from the official website, you can also take advantage of their money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the planner. Don't risk your journey with an imitation product - invest in the real thing and experience the transformative power of The Calm Planner for yourself.

Yes, I want to reduce my stress & anxiety

Here's a valuable tip: The Calm Planner is a great gift for friends and loved ones!