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We always knew our journals worked.

But we wanted to prove. And now we can. From day one, Switch Research has been committed to science, data, and research; it’s what powers our journals. Experts and psychologists have backed every activity in them.


Increase in Self-Acceptance


Less Isolated


Boost in Mindfulness


Increase in Common Humanity

What the data says after 21 days

We’re proud to say we had the Self-Love Journal tested, and the results speak for themselves. One of our favorite results was the fact that after only three weeks of using the journal, participant saw significant changes!

And After 91-days

The results simply improved over time. After 91-days, the study found that users who completed the Self-Love Journal experienced…


30% Decrease


42% Increase


49% Increase

Days Used





Research Study FAQ

Who conducted the study?

Rhyann McKay, PhD Candidate at University of British Columbia & Sean Locke, PhD at Brock University.

What was the process?

66 participants were randomly assigned to either the journal group, or a waitlist control group. All were then surveyed on days 1, 21, 56, and 91.
They were measured on self-compassion, psychological wellbeing, coping, and gratitude. They were also asked open-ended questions about their perceptions of the journal.

What was the conclusion?

The report says: “The journal was effective in improving participants' self-compassion and decreasing negative ways of coping.”
So the conclusion was… It works, and it works well!

But I love Cohen’s d! Tell me the results!

Sure! If you’re here just to be curious, you should know that a small change is represented by the number .2, a medium is .5, and a large is .8.
Self-kindness: 1.59
Common humanity: 1.64
Mindfulness: 1.66
Self-acceptance: 1.03
Decrease in self-judgement: 1.53
Decrease in isolation: 1.99
Decrease in over-identification: 1.99
Decrease in self-blame: 1.32

Where do the statistics come from?

From the surveys, users responded using a set of scales. For example, they may have been given a statement such as ‘I try to be understanding and patient towards those aspects of my personality I don't like’.
They would respond with a scale where 1= Almost never, and 5= Always.
The researchers then calculated the change in these emotions using Cohen’s d , or standardized mean difference, which is one of the most common ways to measure effect size. An effect size is how large an effect is.
However, this is a very difficult calculation for most of us to understand! And it doesn’t really mean too much to the general population. So we translated the numerical results into percentages to give you a better idea.

“A product that, as a therapist, I personally use and recommend for my clients. It’s backed by research and is filled with useful tools for mental health.”