8 Reasons Why You Need This Planner

1. Say goodbye to stress

Even if you’ve never been a fan of self-improvement tools, the Calm Planner is guaranteed to help you organize your tasks, prioritize self-care, and provide you with practical strategies to help you manage stress and anxiety more effectively throughout the day.

2. You deserve to be happy and feel empowered 

For many individuals, cultivating resilience and inner strength is a challenging journey that can be hard to take on alone. With the Calm Planner, you can learn effective grounding techniques and therapist-backed strategies to navigate life's ups and downs, empowering you to find happiness and fulfillment along the way.

3. You struggle with work-life balance

You might neglect self-care, feel burnt out a lot of the time, you are not the greatest at setting boundaries, you've lost focus on personal goals, and you often feel overwhelmed and stressed.

4. You struggle with your own thoughts

You might overthink things, you’re hard on yourself, you project negativity onto others, you put others ahead of your needs and struggle with guilty feelings.

5. Using a regular planner is a chore

Staring at a blank page can make you feel even more stressed and anxious. The Calm Planner provides you with structured prompts, grounding techniques, and distress monitoring, transforming planning and organizing your day into a seamless and enjoyable process. 

6. You’ve never seen a planner like this before

The Window of Tolerance approach is a revolutionary way of managing stress and anxiety that has gained popularity among clinical therapists in recent years.

When a person is within their Window of Tolerance, they are able to manage stress, regulate emotions, and make sound decisions. However, when they are pushed outside of this range, they may experience symptoms of anxiety, depression, or trauma

7. Designed by health experts, from psychologists to clinical counselors

The Calm Planner is completely science-backed and written in collaboration with over a dozen mental health experts, from psychologists to clinical counselors.

8. You’ll also learn powerful tools and techniques

Like Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), that will help you transform the way you interpret the world.

100’s of others have tried it and gave it 5 stars. Actual quotes from our customers…

"I've actually noticed a huge shift in prioritizing my self-care needs and understanding myself better. I love being able to track my stress levels each day and actually see the improvement."

"This is what I've been missing in my daily routine! I'm back on track and feel better than ever, my stress has just melted away."

"I've become way more organized and way less anxious. I actually look forward to using this planner each day."

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