Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)
Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)
Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)
Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)
Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)
Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)
Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)
Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)
Self-Love Journal (Digital Version)



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The Self-Love journal is the key to improving your life through positive thinking.

Over the course of 91 days, you will be equipped with the tools and strategies needed to shift your brain from a state of self-judgement and insecurity to a healthier mindset of compassion and positive self-talk.

• Psychologist Backed Lessons & Strategies
• Daily Interactive Exercises & Intentions
• Foster Positive Internal Dialogue
• Uproot Negative Thought Patterns
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•120 Pages

Silencing Your Inner Critic
Silencing Your Inner Critic
Silencing Your Inner Critic
Silencing Your Inner Critic
Silencing Your Inner Critic
Silencing Your Inner Critic

10 Day Silencing Your Inner Critic Class

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A research-based 10-day guided class to reduce negative self-talk and improve your self-confidence.

Over the course of 10 days, Barb Egan will guide you through uncovering and identifying the root of your self-critic.  You will learn how to transform your inner-critic into your inner-coach, build stronger, meaningful relationships, and end self-sabotaging habits.

• Leading Edge Strategies Rooted in Science
• Daily Interactive Exercises & Intentions
• 36 Page Digital Workbook 
• Learn To Trust Your Inner Voice
• Increase Self-Love
• Lifetime Access From Any Device

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Is Your Inner Critic Out of Control? 

Have you recently said any of the following to yourself?

  • Why am I so lazy?
  • I can never see things through to the finish, what's wrong with me?
  • With the body I have, I can’t experience joy and happiness.
  • I'm no good at my job
  • I have no purpose.
  • Why are others happier than me? Why can’t I be like that.

According to research conducted by the National Science Foundation, around 80% of our thoughts are negative.

"The Inner Critic. It whispers, whines, and needles us into place. It checks our thoughts, controls our behavior, and inhibits action. It thinks it is protecting us from being disliked, hurt, or abandoned. Instead, this critical inner voice causes shame, anxiety, depression, exhaustion, and low self-esteem. It acts as a powerful saboteur of our intimate relationship and is a major contributor to drug and alcohol abuse." - Hal Stone (Embracing The Inner Critic)

How Does The 10-Day Class Work?

Three Distinct Sections 

Silencing Your Inner Critic is divided into three distinct sections, each expanding on the one before. You will develop a strong foundation as the series teaches you to identify and understand your inner critical voice. You will then be given the tools and strategies used by experts to silence the inner critic, and replace it with a positive voice.

Identify The Inner Critic

Your journey begins with understanding your inner critic. Before we can make any adjustments, we must be able to identify the critical voice, when it shows up, and what traps it sets for us. 

Challenge The Inner Critic

Here we will explore the process of self-distancing from the inner critic. When your inner critic does show up, you will learn how to label it, box it up, and put it on a shelf. 

Replace The Critic

Now that you can actively identify and silence your inner critic, you will be given the strategies to foster positive self-talk in its place. 

Everything You Need To Silence The Inner Critic

Our 36 page workbook is the perfect companion to the video series. Each video is accompanied by very clear, actionable steps found inside the workbook for you to complete at your own pace. 

The key to creating a lasting change is through daily, deliberate practice. By slowly working through each video, and the paired action steps inside the workbook, you will put an end to old thought patterns and build new positive ones in their place. 

Take A Peek!

Barb Egan Has Helped Olympians, CEOs & Others Live Their Best Lives

Barb Egan specializes in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to identify, challenge, and replace negative self-talk. She is a registered clinical counsellor with a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology. Barb Egan is a former elite hockey player and coach with extensive experience in working with Olympic level athletes. She uses advanced psychological strategies to support their mental health, and enhance their mental game and performance.

"If we can change the way you think –or talk to yourself– we can change the way you feel, we can change how you act, and ultimately, change the way you live." - Barb Egan

Accessible to Everyone

We believe a persons financial position should not limit their access to mental health resources.

Please reach out to us by email at if you could benefit from our resources but it's not the right time financially.

Three Distinct Sections 

The Self-Love journal is divided into three distinct sections, each expanding on the one before. You will develop a strong foundation as the journal teaches you to form new patterns of thinking that re-shape your brain so that you experience lasting, positive change.


For the first 21 days you will explore self-kindness, common humanity, and mindfulness. Each week you will get a chance to dive deeper into an aspect of self-compassion through strategic writing prompts and real-life applications.


For the next 35 days you will continue your journey by focusing on daily practices like; self-acceptance, self-reflection, and gratitude. Here you will learn the tools & strategies you can use throughout the rest of your life.


Now that you are well-versed in the fundamental practices of self-compassion, the final 35 days will focus on applying them daily in order to form habits that will create a lasting change.

FREE GIFT: 7-Day Self-Love Video Series

If we want to remodel those negative thought patterns for good, the best thing we can do is increase our exposure to new ways of thinking. We've created an intensive 7-day video series to help prime the brain. You'll be introduced to concepts that will be more deeply integrated throughout the 91-day self-love journal. It will be tempting to complete the 7 modules all at once, but spreading them out will create the most lasting change. 

7 Introductory Modules

  • The Importance Of Self-Love
  • Reframing
  • Self-Care
  • Common Humanity
  • Self-Compassion
  • Mindfulness & Meditation
  • Gratitude


Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Kayla G. (Grande Prairie, CA)
Self love Journal/Silencing Your Inner Critic Course

Great Service! Excited to get started!

Brenda J.
I enjoyed it

Thank you for this course. I have learned a lot from the exercises and I am starting to reflect on my life in a much deeper way, which also helps me be even more compassionate towards others.

Cherry F. (Cape Town, ZA)
Also in South Africs

Michelle I am in a very similar situation as you. I need to do something like this, my inner voice has been with me since childhood, then I married someone who did exactly the same, he is off with some other poor woman, thank goodness. I'm in Cape Town and would love to buddy up with you to travel this road together

Michelle (Johannesburg, ZA)
Imposter Syndrome

Recently learned that I have imposter syndrome and would love to do this course as I believe it works be super beneficial but being in south africa and losing my job due to covid I cannot afford it but would recommend to anyone that can to do so

Hi Michelle, we are deeply sorry to hear about your current struggles. We would love to provide you with access to our course, please reach out to us at

Annie B.
I needed this

Thank you for having done this course and for your encouragement and compassion. I've been going through a difficult time, but feel that I am becoming more aware and compassionate of myself now.

Diane T.

Thank you for such an interesting course. It has completely changed my view and how to approach my life going forward. I feel so much more empowered going forward.

Angela G.
So far so good

I am only part way through but already it has made me very happy. I am already stronger and can speak up for myself at work and with other friends. It is so helpful to be able to talk about what's going on in my mind.

Paula L.
Everyone should do this

I feel like this course has given me the tools to live a much happier, more compassionate life.

Sharon G.
A lot of detail

Thank you for this insightful course. This class has allowed me to understand myself and my behaviors on a deeper level, which will help me show compassion to others. I'm looking forward to practicing acceptance of others and self.

Melissa B.
I wish i found this sooner

Ths course has given met valuable tools. I will use everything you have taught us! You are amazing Barb.

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