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Strip Your Makeup. Not Your Skin.

The world's most advanced, skincare forward cleansers. Your skin has never felt this good.

Made By Harvard Scientist

Will Remove ALL Your Makeup

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The Strip Difference Starts Here

Your skin deserves nutrients, vitamins and other skin foods. Not harsh or harmful chemicals.

Strip Makeup Remover

Your cleanser + skin care, all in one product.

Removes all makeup leaving skin hydrated

Moisturizes and replenishes your skin*

Formulated without 1400 banned ingredients

Toxic Makeup Removers

Dry, irritated, stripped skin.

Harsh chemicals that irritate skin

Leave skin feeling stripped and dry

Do not remove all makeup

Our Formula Works on Three Fronts

All benefits, no BS. At STRIP, we’re as obsessed with what we take off your skin as what we put on it. Our mission is to redefine and harness beauty’s most important step - cleansing.


These skincare-grade wonders smell addictively dreamy. Scoop out and slather on for a luxurious experience. You’ll see instant and lasting moisturizing benefits from targeted active ingredients for that juicy, dewiness we all crave.*


Massage into skin to melt away dirt, oil and makeup that leaves a post-strip glow you’d only expect from skincare. Add water if desired to emulsify and massage again. You’ll experience a clearer, more balanced complexion from prebiotics and other ingredients that support the microbiome and skin barrier.*


Rinse with lukewarm water or wipe off with a Strip makeup removal cloth to capture that stunningly radiant, juicy afterglow. For heavy eye makeup, you can use the Strip reusable wipes with just water to remover all makeup.*

Our World-Renowned Products

For maximum benefit, alternate between these two powerhouse cleansers every three days. Cycling our Caviar Jelly and Whipped Coconut Makeup removers supercharges skincare by keeping your microbiome healthy and your skin balanced.

Whipped Coconut Remover

The most nutrient rich cleanser you've ever seen. This luxurious skincare-grade formula sweeps away dirt, oil, and makeup while infusing skin nutrition.*

Caviar Jelly Remover

The World's first biphasic cleanser. This 2-in-1 anti-aging, restorative powerhouse plumps, hydrates and restores the skin's barrier while replenishing a healthy microbiome to balance the skin's pH.*

Reusable Cleansing Wipes

Remove all makeup with just water or combine with your favorite product! Made up of millions of tiny, hair-like fibers to attract and pull makeup from pores literally like a magnet.*

Strip Makeup vs. Other Removers

Most makeup removers irritate and dry your skin, leaving skincare to undo the damage. Here is why we are better:

Works Poorly on Dry or Oil Skin Types

Not Vegan, Not Humanely Tested

Cleaner Than Clean Ingredients

Contains Harsh Chemicals, Parabens

Completely Removes Makeup

Clogs Pores By Moving Makeup Around

Contains Skincare Grade Ingredients

Ingredients That Dry Out Skin

Made for All Skin Types

Works Poorly on Dry or Oil Skin Types

Created with Harvard Scientist

Not Experts in Makeup Removal or Cleansing

Loved By Beauty Bloggers

We sent our makeup removers to beauty experts across the USA, and here are some of the responses.

"I used it and OMG the Whipped Coconut I am OBSESSED. I used it last night and it did such an incredible job at removing my makeup. The whole experience was so pleasant, no irritation to the eyes and it left my skin so soft!"

-Nikkia Joy, Beauty Vlogger & MUA

Over 1 Million YouTube Subscribers

“My favorite makeup remover. The only comments I never used to respond to were about what I used to remove my makeup. I never could respond until now. Exactly as described. This caviar jelly is EVERYTHING! Taking my makeup off at night is now my favorite part of the day.”

- Salice Rose, Lifestyle Influencer

35,000,000+ Fans

“I am loving these products. They are all so good. I love to switch between the Coconut and the Caviar every 3 days. I use the wipes with water daily to remove my heavy eye and lip makeup. I will usually also cleanse in the morning as well before I put on my makeup. Goodbye Neutrogena wipes and Micellar water.”


15,000,000+ Fans


Over 100,000 Raving Fans

Shaun O.

"I am fair skinned so typically just use a tinted SPF moisturizer during the day, but typical cleansers weren't taking it all off or leaving my skin so dry that the sides of my mouth were actually cracking. I started using this in the shower and it left my skin so buttery soft and smooth. I just wish it came in bigger sizes!"‍


"A makeup artist let me use her sample and I am obsessed! I always hated how dry and dehydrated my face felt after a long day of wearing makeup. This coconut remover left my skin feeling totally revitalized - 100% recommend this product!"

Sherry O.

"I’m a 60…. Something woman with years of skin care experience, personally and professionally. I’ve used both the coconut and caviar cleansers, equally incredible products. After each use my skin feels perfectly cleansed and hydrated. The disposable wipes are incredibly effective and strong. I can reuse them for a couple of days with proper rinsing."

103+ Trusted Reviews

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Frequently Asked Questions

You got questions. We got answers.

Yep. Our cleaner-than-clean formulas are designed for all skin types. They're hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, soap free and safe for sensitive skin.

Yep. Our cleaner-than-clean formulas are designed for all skin types. They're hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, soap free and safe for sensitive skin.

Yep. Our cleaner-than-clean formulas are designed for all skin types. They're hypoallergenic, non-comedogenic, soap free and safe for sensitive skin.

Many of our ingredients are organic. However, some ingredients are organic derived or are synthetic. Rather than sacrificing on quality just to include the buzzword “organic”, we prioritize using the best and cleanest ingredients while strictly adhering to multiple domestic and international clean guidelines.