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Backed by science and created with expert therapists, the new Emotions Journal includes 9 weeks of guided prompts and psychoeducation to help you regulate your emotions.

“I see new patients all the time, no matter why they come in, typically our first sessions are all about learning emotional regulation. I'm happy to finally have a tool that can quickly and efficiently help with this work.”

BARB E. | Clinical Counselor

Expert Strategies to Tame Emotional Stress

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Grounded in the work of over 20+ clinical therapists, social workers, physicians, psychologists, and researchers

Our journal’s unique, progressive structure was engineered by top psychologists and behavioral scientists at academic institutions such as


The Emotions Journal

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy-based prompts

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is aimed at striking balance between how individuals think, feel, and act, which can resolve and mitigate feelings of stress and anxiety.

The Emotions Journal integrates CBT-focused techniques and activities, like breaking Anxiety Avoidance Loops, to help individuals counter emotional dysregulation and create positive and consistent positive emotional associations.


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