Self-Love & Emotions Bundle

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Self-Love & Emotions Bundle

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→ A Difference In Your Day or Your Money Back

→ Increase Overall Happiness & Find Self-Love

→ "Life Changing - Beautifully Simple and Gentle."

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What's Inside

Exclusive access to our private community to share experiences, and ask questions.

Access to weekly LIVE Q&A's with Therapists!

Accountability Check-in (Optional)

134 pages, beautiful A4 hardback, spiral-bound journal with calming, colorful designs

Tools to help you get rid of negative thought patterns

91 days of Psychologist-backed strategies you can trust

Used and trusted by therapists and universities

A product that, as a therapist, I personally use and recommend for my clients. It’s backed by research and is filled with useful tools for mental health.


I absolutely love the Self-Love Journal. Each page has wonderful prompts. As a therapist I have recommended it to many of my clients



There are three parts to Self-Love

In only 10 minutes per day we’ll guide you through the strategies and tools used by therapists and psychologists.



Dive into your journey with three weeks of self-kindness. You'll learn about mindfulness, self-compassion and common humanity through a series of writing prompts and real-life applications.



Discover how to practice self-acceptance, reflection and gratitude, daily. These 35 days of affirmations, prompts and tasks will equip you with lifelong strategies for self-compassion.



It's time to take everything you've learned and transform these strategies into daily habits. Over 35 days, you'll form self-compassion habits and routines to foster lasting change and continue self-love through the rest of your life.

Will it work for me?

If You're Experiencing Self-Criticism

Our journals are a safe space to help you unpack thoughts and emotions, and replace them with healthier patterns of thinking. Without judgment.

If You’re Ready for Self-Growth

We’re here to guide you through the ultimate journey of self-discovery and development. Powered by science, data, and research, you’ll get to know yourself on a deeper level, with methods and tools from the experts.

If You’re New to Journaling

Our prompts are designed for all levels of journaling experience. Allow them to gently guide and inspire you as you embark on your journey.

Create positive habits, bundle up and save.

1x Self-Love Journal

1x Emotions Journal (New)

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