8 Reasons Why We're Giving Away This Self-Love Masterclass

1. You can improve yourself. Yes, YOU!

Even if you’ve never been a fan of self-improvement tools, this simple tool will easily help you better understand who you are and how to love yourself.

2. You deserve to love yourself and be happy

Self-love doesn’t come easy for most people. In fact,  A CDC survey showed that feelings of sadness and hopelessness are on the rise, especially amongst teens.

3. You struggle with your own thoughts.

You might overthink things, you’re hard on yourself, you project negativity onto others, you put others ahead of your needs.

4. Books can only help so much.

With guided journaling, you learn from yourself, so it sticks with you more than any book.

5. Regular journaling is a chore

Staring at a blank journal page can make you feel even more anxious. The therapist-led guided journaling sessions guide your entries, making it a seamless and enjoyable experience

6. You’ve never seen a journaling course like this before

It teaches you to be patient with yourself while you make these, well, switches. It helps you shift your focus. It allows you to zoom out. It reminds you that you are bigger, deeper, and richer than your thoughts are at this moment.

7. Designed by health experts, from psychologists to clinical counselors

The Self-Love Masterclass is completely science-backed and written in collaboration with over a dozen mental health experts, from psychologists to clinical counselors.

8. 100’s of others have tried it and gave it 5 stars.

  • Users found their self-kindness increased by 49%

  • Their common humanity went up by 62%

  • Mindfulness increased by 42%

  • Self-acceptance rose by 38%

Actual quotes from customers

"I feel like I have someone cheering me on, and that comes from a confident place from within."

"It helped me realize everyone feels the same and has issues and I am not as alone as I think I am."

"I'm more aware of when I'm being too hard on myself and will remind myself of the lessons I've learned through using the journal."

Start Today!

Start Today!