I Finally Admitted That I Wasn't Happy. Then I Used THIS Journal to Banish Negativity From My Life!

By Grace Miller | 09/26/2022
First published at lifed.org - republished with the authors consent

One morning on my walk, the solution to my “blank journal” anxiety came from an unexpected place.

It was about 6 months ago when I finally broke down crying.

I couldn’t take it any more! It all came crashing down on me: the stress of work, my unexpected divorce, and a million other things that were out of my control.

But in order for you to really understand where I’m coming from, I have to back up a little bit more…

I guess it was about a year ago that I started to feel my husband getting distant from me. At the time, I didn’t give it much thought because we’d both been working towards job promotions.

It’s normal for relationships to go through seasons, I reasoned. So what if we didn’t have deep conversations every day any more?

Well, that was my first clue of a problem, and I ignored it.

As it turns out, my promotion fell through, I caught my husband cheating on me, and we had to sell our house because neither of us could afford it alone.

The worst part is that I had nowhere to turn, because my dog died as soon as I moved out on my own.

And that really broke me.

So I cried. And cried. And to top it all off, I cried some more.

Until one day, I woke up and felt that *inkling* of a desire to change - to somehow grow from the terrible experiences I'd had.

So I started by taking short walks in the morning. Next I added a self-compassion podcast to my walk. And I could feel myself getting more open to change.

Then I bought a blank journal.

I imagined becoming a life-long journaler - emptying myself of worries every day.

But I couldn’t think of anything to write about! Sure, I had problems, worries, and insecurities, but I had no idea where to start!

One morning on my walk, the solution to my “blank journal” anxiety came from an unexpected place.

A commercial came on during the podcast, and suddenly I heard people singing the praises of the Switch Research Self-Love Journal. They said the journal helped them:

  • Stop negative thoughts and self-talk
  • Be more kind to themselves
  • Become more accepting
  • Stop criticizing themselves

And what REALLY caught my attention is the fact that the journal has writing prompts and a weekly focus.

No more “blank journal anxiety” for me!

I immediately bought The Self-Love Journal. Honestly I felt confident buying it because the whole thing is backed by psychologists’ research. If you stick to their plan and journal for just 10 minutes a day, you’re practically guaranteed to grow in self-love and self-compassion!

I immediately started using the daily prompts. It was SO. MUCH. EASIER. than a blank journal! I was finally able to process my emotions and get clarity on my situation.

I stuck to the suggested 10 minutes a day, which was totally doable for me. It was a pretty small investment in myself compared to how much I grew.

Now I understand why this Self-Love Journal has already sold out twice!

76,000+ people are living more positive, love-filled lives, thanks to this psychologist-approved journal.

“I have been through 6 years of transition, loss and challenges. After living in scarcity I was tired of feeling stuck. This journal has been life changing…”
-Mary C.    5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ August 2022

“Writing in this journal was very helpful BUT what really put it over the top were the emails from Kathryn. She even answered my email one morning when I was down. Thank you!”
-Ruth M.    5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ June 2022

“This is my favorite thing ever 😍 it got me out of a rut and helped in multiple ways but even better than that, the customer service is PHENOMENAL! They go out of their way, really go the extra mile and makes such a world of difference. I recommend this to everybody 🖤🖤”
-Mary C.    5 stars⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ August 2022

I have had so much personal growth since I got my Self-Love Journal. Now that they’re on a massive discount I bought Self-Love Journals for my closest friends too! 

It has 91 days of guided prompts, helping you grow in just 10 minutes per day!

It’s research-backed and vetted by dozens of psychologists, clinical therapists, and researchers.

The quality is amazing. Spiral bound and beautifully boxed - it’s perfect for buying multiples and gifting.

It includes accountability emails, an over 6,000 person private Facebook group, AND weekly Youtube lives.

Why The Self-Love Journal?

Over 76,000 Self-Love Journalers are banishing negativity, feeling more confident, and becoming the best versions of themselves.

But my heart really melted when I learned that the Self-Love Journal was born out of a genuine need for one couple to find wholeness after going through reproductive struggles.

They partnered with experts to invent The Self-Love Journal, after journaling helped them knit their lives back together following astounding losses. They used their losses to bring wholeness to thousands of others, creating a beautiful community along the way.

I’ll Always Be Thankful For The Self-Love Journal

Now that I’ve experienced what The Self-Love Journal can do, I’m committed to personal growth and positivity. I’ve created a habit that I’m proud of, and I’m more confident in myself than I’ve ever been.

Update: Thanks to The Self-Love Journal, I’m loving my life like never before. I got a promotion that’s BETTER than the one I lost. And I have a feeling that love could be right around the corner too…