Angela D. - May 24 2021

How to Start Seeing Yourself in a New Light Today

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Ihave a challenge for you. Choose three words to describe your best friend.

Easy isn't it? Maybe you chose words such as hard-working, considerate, ambitious, beautiful, or helpful.

Another challenge: Choose three words to describe yourself.

There's a good chance those words weren't quite as pleasant. After all, it's often so much more challenging to see ourselves kindly. Instead, we see ourselves with the harsh lens of criticism.

You might have experienced this yourself. Maybe you've looked in the mirror, and your eyes flit to a new wrinkle. A grey hair. An extra kilo we didn't want. A kilo lost we tried so hard to retain. A blemish on your skin.

Maybe it's not about looking in the mirror, but more about the way you feel. It could be those tell-tale signs of ageing, your extra joint pain, your sore knees, your back that seems to ache forever.

Sometimes it's not the mirror or even the way you feel. Sometimes it's much worse. You pick apart your personality instead. After all, you're not as funny, intelligent, considerate, or insightful as someone else. You're not as successful. You're not as confident. Not as young, or old, or tall or athletic... the list goes on and on.

And the worst part of it all? You believe that this must be how everyone sees you.

And so, it might start with just a grey hair, or a setback at work, or an extra pound of weight, but soon enough, it spirals into a dangerous cycle of self-criticism and anger.

Then you're left wondering, what's the point?

What's the point in exercising if I hate the way I look? What's the point in trying at work? I'll never be good enough for the promotion. What's the point in making an effort with my appearance? I'll never look like the people I admire so much.

It's an awful feeling. And everyone will try to pull you out of it, to give you compliments or help you feel better. They want to help, sure, but unfortunately, that rarely works.

It might give you a bit of a pick-me-up for a moment, but deep down, you know you have work to do.

So, welcome to the crossroads.

By reading this today, you've probably realized that it's time to start seeing yourself in a different light. It's time to move from self-loathing to self-loving.

You don't want to feel this way about yourself for the rest of your life, do you? Of course not! You want to start celebrating the wonderful, amazing, outstanding parts that make up your unique individuality - flaws and all!

Well, there's good news, and there's bad news. The bad news is... It's up to you to make that change.

But the good news? It's not only up to you.

There's an entire system set up to help you that you can access today. It’s a tried and tested strategy that will help you begin your journey towards appreciating and truly loving yourself.

Maybe you've heard the phrase ‘If you don't love yourself, no one will.

That's simply not true. There are plenty of people who already love you and can see all the beautiful things about you. And Switch Research has made it their personal mission to help you see those things for yourself.

The Canadian-based company developed the Self-Love Journal, which will take you on a journey from negativity to self-appreciation over three months.

The journal covers three distinct sections: Self-Kindness, Gratitude, and Compassion. And with just 5 or 10 minutes a day, you'll embrace each of these steps and reframe your mindset.

Filled with activities, the journal features daily tasks and learning opportunities to show you how to see yourself in a different light.

You'll be encouraged to set intentions, create goals, practice self-kindness, forgive yourself for past mistakes, and open up to new experiences.

Best of all, you'll also be able to learn. You'll learn about yourself, your strengths, your beautiful qualities and your emotional needs.

And as you work through the daily steps, you'll be on the road to finding out how you can understand these needs and how you can give yourself the support you'd offer a friend.

Maybe you're skeptical. How can a journal provide all of that? It's a great question.

But Switch Research didn't simply create this journal with good intentions; it's actually grounded in science.

The journal was written alongside experts in their fields and is even undergoing a peer-reviewed evaluation. It uses a counselling technique called reframing, which helps you rethink and change your biased, negative thoughts.

This reframing technique is interwoven throughout the entire Self-Love Journal, so you'll start making progress from the first page.

So how much is this going to cost?

Firstly, a question: How much is your self-love worth? How much do you want to be able to see yourself as others do? To embrace your flaws, to love your personality, and to be proud of who you are?

Whatever cost you came up with, that feeling is priceless. That feeling will take you from critical to confident, and imagine how much your life could change! You could finally wake up and enjoy looking in the mirror, knowing you are the most beautiful version of yourself that will ever exist!

You could speak up in a meeting, knowing your thoughts are valuable and that you have a unique perspective to offer the world.

For that priceless feeling, some pay thousands to join online programs or seek professional help. And while those both have their place, Switch Research is dedicated to making mental health resources available to everyone.

That's why the Digital Self-Love 91-Day Journal is just $19.99.

It seems like a small price to pay for three months worth of activities, thoughtful tasks, and mindful progression.

And right now, if you purchase the digital journal, you can get access to the 7-Day Self Love Video Series for FREE!

In 91 days, once you've taken the plunge and committed to a journey of self-acceptance and love, answer me this...

How do you describe yourself now?

BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal
BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal
BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal
BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal
BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal
BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal
BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal
BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal
BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal

BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal


Our original and best-selling journal is your key to improving your relationship with yourself.

The Self-Love journal will equip you with the tools and strategies needed to shift your brain from a state of self-judgement and turbulence to a healthier mindset of compassion and positive self-talk.

This journal is suitable for both men and women and can be used during any 90-day period of the year. 

“I lived my entire life with ZERO self confidence. I would doubt my choices, fear what others thought about me and was afraid to be seen. This journal changed everything!!!! Now I walk into a room with confidence, speak up and know exactly what I want— and it only took 5 minutes a day to get here.” -Isa L.

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    Colleen O. (Ambridge, US)

    BEST SELLER - Self-Love Journal

    Mary T. (Detroit, US)
    Self-Love Journal

    I bought the journal as a gift. My friend loves it! Great gift!

    Anne (Cary, US)
    Self love journal

    Excellent writing prompts. Thoughtful and concise, well paced.

    MICHELLE K. (El Cajon, US)
    Train Your Brain to LOVE YOU

    I love using this journal. I learned a Cognitive Behavioral Technique and suite of tools and it changed my life! This book mirrors some of what I knew, while adding more to my repertoire of resources for deadling with difficult thoughts and emotions.

    Silda Y.H.

    Love this book...its like a new journey.

    Aimie (Albuquerque, US)
    Much needed self help!

    Im not really a talker so sitting with my thoughts and working things out works better for me. I love my new journal. I use it every morning. Thank you!

    Kim (Denver, US)
    Self love journal

    Thank you! What an amazing tool! It’s triggering so many deep responses that weren’t consciously obvious to me. I’m finding that my self-love truly is deep inside of myself, it just got buried where I couldn’t find it any longer. This journal is bringing it to light again!! Many thanks!!

    Taunya F. (Port Saint Lucie, US)
    Journal book

    I just got started but I love it!!!! Very detailed not too short and not too.lo g

    Cynthia S. (Topeka, US)

    Am enjoying the journal a great deal. I work on it daily. Love the quality of the book.

    Cindy B. (Phoenix, US)

    This journal has been very helpful to me at this point in my life.